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It's given me that little bit of extra confidence knowing my teeth look fantastic.

About 15 years ago I had some crown work done but was never very happy with it. I felt the shade of my teeth was too dark and some of the crowns had become chipped and damaged, so with Stephen and Joe’s advice, I decided to have a comprehensive treatment programme that included implants, crowns and veneers. Although this was very extensive treatment, it was a very calm experience with a fantastic level of personal service.

I decided that I didn’t want to be disappointed at any level and the quality of work and the colour of the final crowns were of the greatest importance to me. The last thing I wanted was to have all this treatment and then still not be happy with the colour or the materials used. The whole experience was amazing! The Moor Park team can do anything you desire in terms of colour and shape. I wanted very white teeth so I chose a very white (bleached) shade which I am really happy with. I also wanted the best quality materials possible and during visits to the practice I started to understand a lot more about the materials that could be used to make my teeth. The all-ceramic crowns and veneers I ultimately had fitted, have a base that is made from a super strong ceramic material rather than metal, so they won’t show a black or grey line by my gums as old fashion crowns often do.

A lot of what I do involves meeting people and the benefit of smiling more has really added to my confidence, I wasn’t lacking in confidence before but it’s just given me that little bit extra knowing my teeth look fantastic.

Having this work done has been worth the investment. People spend money on holidays, cars and kitchens and like anything you can do this on a budget, but I wanted the reassurance of using highly trained professionals who supported me throughout the process and gave me back the smile I had when I was twenty!

Moor Care Case Study
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I smile much more now and I'm more confident. People look at my teeth for the right reasons now.

My dentist referred me to Moor Park. My teeth weren’t terrible but some were worn and I had a partial denture, it clipped in and food got underneath — it was horrible. To get rid of the denture and to have fixed teeth I had 7 implants placed, gum surgery and then every tooth restored with all-ceramic restorations. It took 18 months and was quite involved but I am very pleased with the result, my teeth look great. My natural teeth were very small and stumpy and not very attractive so I opted for a process called crown lengthening to give me slightly longer teeth. This was an additional process but in the end really improved the results of the finished crowns.

Now my teeth look and feel like real teeth. They have a very natural shape and colour; they are white but not too white, you see people on the telly and you can tell they’ve have had their teeth done, but Stephen and Joe worked hard to give me the most natural smile possible.

I smile much more now and I am more confident, people look at my teeth for the right reasons not the wrong reasons, Stephen and Joe have made me feel like a VIP. My cousin’s husband is a dentist and he said my teeth were awful before but now when I see him he always says “I don’t think your teeth are good… they’re fantastic!”

Moor Care Case Study
Case Study Before Case Study After

It's given me my smile back and it's really nice to smile and laugh with complete confidence.

You go through life without realising what’s happening to your teeth and over a number of years they get chipped and cracked and discoloured and in my case, very worn.

When I came to the practice to see Stephen he explained that I had a few options; I could have dentures or I could have my teeth built up with composite (white filling material) or I could have crowns fitted. I didn’t want to wear dentures but felt a little bit uncomfortable about cosmetic treatment as I’m a bloke in my fifties, happy to spend money but not necessarily on myself.

Having spent time talking to Stephen I opted to have my teeth built up with composite as an interim measure, to see the results and decide if I wanted to progress to have crowns fitted. Gradually, I became less self conscious about doing something about my teeth and realised that although it was a “cosmetic process” it was much more than this; it would add to my quality of life and give me a much nicer smile. I progressed to having the full treatment plan and have had all-ceramic crowns fitted to all my teeth. It’s given me my smile back and it’s really nice to be able to smile and laugh with complete confidence.

I think a lot of people of my age are worried about coming to the dentist, but there’s no need. It’s a pleasure to come here, the staff are all very pleasant, they get to know you and work hard at every level to give you the results you want. It’s been really worth the investment, I’m absolutely delighted with my new smile.

Moor Care Case Study
Case Study Before Case Study After

I'm really happy — it's given me the confidence to smile more and eat the foods I like.

If I can have this treatment done at my age then anyone can. You get to a stage in life when all your teeth need sorting out. I could have had a denture but I really didn’t want that. I wanted teeth that felt and looked as natural as possible.

I had an implant and the rest of my teeth are crowns and a bridge, I am very happy with the results, they look natural and you don’t really notice them. Stephen and Joe worked hard to get the result I was looking for and it’s given me the confidence to smile more and eat foods I like.

I would have probably ended up with a denture, but here at Moor Park it’s about conservation and preservation rather than just taking your teeth out. I am really happy as I don’t look like I’ve had a makeover, I’ve just got good teeth for a woman of my age.

By talking about my experiences, I’d like to encourage other women and men of my age to think about theirteeth and how they could really improve their quality of life. Nobody likes going to the dentist but Stephen and Joe were very good, they were very caring and the treatment wasn’t painful.

It did take quite a lot of courage to come to the practice for the first time, everyone feels a little bit shy, you come in at your worst, feeling vulnerable to see a dentist you don’t know and who might be critical. But Stephen and Joe weren’t critical at all, they just explained clearly what could be done and the treatment options I had. I felt in control of the process throughout my treatment and it was a very positive experience.

Moor Care Case Study

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